Portrait by: Drake Alexander


Nora Avelleyra loves animals, solitude & color. She lives and works in Washington, D.C.



Recent Collaborations

I've had the pleasure of collaborating with a variety of companies that celebrate color, texture and expression. If you are interested in collaborating or licensing my work please get in touch!







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Artist Statement

I love color. I see the world through a lens that amplifies my excitement towards interesting color combinations. I use this as inspiration for my work, where colors and forms are usually found knocking up against one another. These colored forms are abstracted so that the viewer has an immersive experience with the work and the exciting energy in each piece.

Each of my works is an exploration into how colors best complement as well as contest with with one another. I find just as much satisfaction in the harmony of colors that work together seamlessly as I do with colors that seem to clash and knock against each other. 

I also hope that the forms in my work are an evocative reminder that human figure can be worked easily into these abstract expressions of color, light and shape. These figures generally elicit intrigue in the viewer and I hope to continue incorporating these forms in my future work.